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I AM An Athlete

I am a newbie to this group. I was never an athlete as a young person but after starting triathlon some years back realized how much Sports can bring people together. This T3 Challenge is such a wonderful thing on so many levels. We motivate each other and sometimes have to go outside of our comfort zones. I live (out of town) . . .however I’m looking forward to meeting all of you fabulous women soon. Thanks, Michelle and Georgette for all of your hard work and dedication. I truly appreciate being part of this dynamic group. Cheers to taking tomorrow off!

I Get Up For Myself

 I completed my last T3 workout this morning and have to admit that it was a little emotional for me. Last time I signed up, I quit after three days as I was truly disappointed by just how out of shape I was. Instead of pushing through, I took myself out of the game . . .Still out of shape, I signed up for the Winter T3 Challenge with a renewed sense of determination! While there were many days I wanted to stop, I pushed through with the help of my T3 faves. . .and built new friendships. . .I wanted to send a shout out to . . .all of you fit, fierce and fabulous women for an amazing four weeks!!! See you in the next challenge and beware cuz I’ll be coming out guns blazing! 💕


Thank You! Love T3! - It never fails to amp up my “game” and kick my butt!  I hope that you will keep doing it- changing lives!”


I can’t believe I did it again. I tried to quit at week 2 . . .but a few of these beauties wouldn’t allow me to quit. Although I didn’t finish as strong I’m glad I stayed in the race. Thank you for having me again. You’ve really created something magical here #triplethreat #webadd #wedidthedamnthang #strong


Thank you Triple Threaters. You all pushed me to the when I found myself running in freezing rain on Friday afternoon and thought what the hell am I doing?? Or today when I was running up what seemed like mount everest . . . Needless to say...It's been a very inspiring and humbling four weeks. The perfect capstone to what started as a long and insurmountable journey for me a little over a year ago when I could barely walk my dog around the block without getting breathless (true story). Today, I'm 75 pounds lighter and feeling fitter than I have in a long time. 


Just entered my last workout of the challenge. Never before have I been so honored to be at the bottom of a leaderboard. That’s what happens when you’re among the best! Thanks for letting me join in and I can’t wait for the next challenge. Maybe I’ll get into the middle of the pack!!


T3 ladies- thank you for this thrilling journey! Each day for 4 weeks, we each "brought" it and pushed each other, and for that reason, I started each day with a dose of awesomeness. 




Since its inception in 2016, The Triple Threat Challenge -- or The T3 Challenge, as it has been nicknamed --- has grown from 3 friends in a basement tracking The Triple Threat workout on a chalkboard to over 50 Challengers (and growing) per quarter, in different states, going all-out to earn points for a shot at The Triple Threat crown (yep, we have a crown) or simply for themselves.

At its heart the Challenge consists of 4 key things:


Any type of workout counts towards points.

You can work out with other Challengers, by yourself, or with anyone you choose.  You can workout anywhere.

You can come to T3 Meet-Ups . . .  or not.

Just do you . . .


Every night, Challengers all over the world (well, right now just the east coast) await the Daily T3 Leaderboard with it's T3 Instensity Points system customized to YOU!

(Because we all know that not all runs, jumps, spins, downward dogs. . .are created equal.)


Encouragement comes in many forms --- from your fellow Challengers and from the T3 Coaches.

There's lots of cheering and kudos and. . . a little bit of 😎 and trash-talking, because we ARE athletes.

We also have guest trainers and wellness experts -- to keep it professional.


Cool Prizes, including the coveted T3 Crown.

There are lots of ways to win a prize . . . but be warned, there are NO TROPHIES for participation!

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THE T3 WORKOUT CHALLENGE is proud to be part of. . .

A partnership of Live + Balance and The Triple Threat Challenge, the mission of The COLLECTIVE FEW - The Collective For Every Woman -- is to bring women together to support and encourage each other on their wellness journeys.  Our programs encompass movement, nutrition, and self-care with a healthy dose of camaraderie and a touch of friendly competition. To learn more about The Collective FEW, click here.