A.C. Shilton, Bicycling.com, October 2020

WHY WE LIKE this article

Who doesn't love a good Q and A article ? This one has so much good stuff in it that answers sooooo many of the questions I have gotten about Heart Rate over the years.  I've posted an excerpt that answers the question I get most below.  But keep in mind, just because certain workouts produce lower max heart rates, doesn't mean they are not effective ---- they are just doing different things for your body.  Balance is the key to fitness longevity!

I would also add to the explanation below, that anytime you are doing a new workout or something you don't usually do, you may see a higher HR because your body is not conditioned for that exercise.  That's why it is a good idea to change up your workouts to get the best overall benefits.


"True or False: Your max heart rate is the same for all sports."

"False. You’re not mistaken—your max for cycling really may be different than your max for another sport. Again, this is indicative of how variable heart rate is, Golich says. Things that are load bearing—like running—will generally push your heart rate higher, since you have to do more work to overcome gravity. Cycling, because it has the mechanical assistance of the bike, will generally produce a lower max heart rate. And swimming, which happens in a pool with zero-impact, may be lower still—since the water is keeping you cool, Golich says, heat will be less of a factor in raising your heart rate."

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