For all of you with Apple watches — giving you fits with unrecorded workouts in STRAVA — the general consensus among long term T3ers is that it is better to track your workout in Apple, then upload it to STRAVA. Two of the key benefits to doing this are: more workout options to choose from and sometimes the time/hr tracking is more reliable in Apple.

Quick Instructions:

Open the Apple workout app, select the workout to start. Swipe right to see the option to end the workout, then hit done and the workout will be ready to import to Strava.

Open Strava on your phone:

  1. click on the bell in the top right corner
  2. select the option that says “your workout is ready to import”
  3. select the workouts you want to import
  4. view activities on your page and you can edit from there.

Detailed Instructions:

Recording and Syncing

Uploading a Workout from the Apple Health App


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