About The Founders of The Collective FEW


The Collective FEW is a partnership between two women who have a passion for fitness and friendships.

The Collective FEW's mission is to bring women together to support and encourage each other on their wellness journeys. We want to encourage women to prioritize their health and overall wellbeing. Our programs encompass movement, nutrition, and self-care with a healthy dose of camaraderie and a touch of friendly competition.⁣



In 2016, Michelle Swittenberg had recently retired from a successful corporate career (at the age of 48!), and as part of her fitness routine, Michelle did a workout in her basement that she had nicknamed “the triple threat.”  One day, two of her friends joined her, and eventually, Michelle being. . . well, Michelle. . .decided that they should keep a running tally of attendance, and the first Leaderboard was born.  Eventually, a few other friends joined in, prizes were added, workout types were expanded, a point-system was designed  . . . and with that, the very first seeds for The Triple Threat Challenge were planted.

By late-2018, the Challenge was consistently attracting more women each quarter that it was held -- solely through word-of-mouth.  Each Challenge brought a new twist or enhancement and new technology to deal with the growing number of Challengers wanting to level-up their fitness routine.⁣ And while The Triple Threat Challenge started out as a workout Challenge, over time, it has expanded to also provide education from industry experts and meaningful support for making lifestyle changes.

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, when Michelle thought that surely no one would be interested in working out, she put out the call and the response was overwhelming.  The Fall 2020 Challenge was the largest to that point and the Challenges of 2021 have surpassed even that.

Michelle is also the co-founder of BRWL Studio, a boxing and yoga studio.  Founded in November 2019, the studio made some quick pivots and kept BRWLing in spite of the pandemic.  BRWL recently moved into its brand new state-of-the art studio in the Valley Arts District of Orange, NJ.

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Georgette Stewart started Live + Balance, a health and wellness platform, in the Fall of 2019 in response to the lack of diversity she saw in the health and wellness space. As a working mother of two, and an avid fitness buff, she wanted to share her love for exercise while inspiring and motivating people who looked like her and wanted to strive to live a more balanced lifestyle that encompasses movement, nutrition, and self-care.

Live + Balance represents a lifestyle and a community. It's a way of being "presently conscious and connected" while encouraging people to refine their nutritional habits and lifestyle choices. The goal is to present information on Instagram (IG) to support better choices today to live healthier in the future. Posts cover fitness, wellness, and nutrition and offer inspirational words to empower the reader to achieve their goals.

Georgette also created a Live + Balance Spotlight series on IG to share other peoples' accomplishments and promote small businesses. She has done over 40 posts and one to one IG Live interviews in this series, speaking with fitness & wellness experts, doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs who spoke of their products and services. By sharing these stories, Georgette hopes to encourage and inspire others to follow their dreams. Visitors to the IG page have commented that the fun fitness videos and food posts have inspired them to start exercising and making better food choices.

"Balance is not something you find but something you create." It is essential that women, particularly black and brown-skinned women, know that there is a community of people who look like them, facing the same obstacles and challenges, taking action, and striving to Live in Balance in a fun, collaborative, and sustainable way.