About The Collective FEW


The Collective FEW is a partnership between The Triple Threat Challenge LLC and Live + Balance

The COLLective FEW?

The COLLECTIVE FEW -- sounds exclusive at first, right? But as, you now know, it is The Collective For Every Woman -- a space where everyone is welcome regardless of where they are in their wellness journey. But let's take a few (hah, that word again) minutes to discuss why we chose the word COLLECTIVE.

A collective, according to the dictionary, is a group of entities (women in our case) that share or are motivated by a common issue or interest, or who work together to achieve a common objective. While it's true that we are all here because we share (or strive to anyway) a common interest in some aspect of wellness -- fitness, healthy eating, etc. -- for me the notion of collective goes beyond the definition of a group.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy expands on the notion of a collective by defining collective intentionality. "Collective intentionality is the power of minds to be jointly directed at. . . goals, or values. . .Collective intentional attitudes permeate our everyday lives . . . Collective intentionality comes in a variety of modes, including shared intention. . . Shared intention enables the participants to act in that world together . . .in a coordinated and cooperative fashion, and to achieve collective goals. "

That Stanford definition gets at what I have seen grow over the years with The Triple Threat Challenge. The idea that although we are competitors in the Challenge, our actions and intentions go beyond our individual goals. At the same time, we are pushing ourselves to be better, we cheer each other on and push each other to be better. From those actions, we begin to glimpse the essence of COLLECTIVE.

I am excited to be on this journey with Georgette Stewart, the founder of Live + Balance.  Her platform has given voice to many diverse fitness founders and wellness experts -- and she brings those resources to bear to enrich the COLLECTIVE.

Our collective intention is to link our individual passions for fitness and wellness to create something better than anything we could do alone.