3 Weeks

Monday, October 10 - Sunday, October 30

Age-Based Divisions

Team Component



Max Total Minutes=Anything Minutes+Stretch/ Strength MinutesMinimum Wellness Tasks


Just do you!

Do any type of workout you want -- just make sure you're tracking it with a STRAVA-compatible device.

We'll calculate the T3 Points and your spot on the Leaderboard.


In addition to WINNER PRIZES. . . just:

Meet the minutes set for your Level

Get in the required stretch and strength minutes

Complete minimum required Wellness Tasks

Earn a FINISHER Prize.


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T3 Awards Ceremony



SPRING 2022 Challenge RULES

Challenge Dates/Format

  • The T3 Challenge will run for 3 weeks from October 10 to October, 2022
  • The Challenge will run consecutively with no individual week scores
  • There will be separate Women's and Men's Leaderboards, and 3 Divisions as described below.
  • There will be a TEAM component that will be outlined in Orientation.


  • There will be 3 Divisions -- A Challengers's Individual divisions will be based on their ages as of October, 2022. Final age-divisions will be determined upon completion of sign ups.  Preliminarily, the divisions will be:
    • Under 40 years old
    • 40 - 49 years old
    • 50+ years old
  • There will be mixed-age, mixed-gender TEAMS that will be determined by the Coaches and announced at the start of the Challenge.


  • To FINISH an Individual Challenger must complete 1200 Workout Minutes for the entire challenge, which includes:
  • ANYTHING MINUTES can consist of any type of exercise the Challenger chooses, including Stretch/Strength.
  • STRETCH/STRENGTH MINUTES include exercises such as: weight lifting, strength classes (e.g Training Camp at BRWL), pilates, yoga, stretching, breathwork, assisted-stretch, gyrotonics, etc. Challengers must indicate Stretch/Strength workout types in STRAVA (see Tracking Workouts).
  • WELLNESS TASKS will be announced in Orientation and posted in the Challenger Portal.

Tracking Workouts

  • All Challengers must track all workouts using a fitness or smart watch linked to STRAVA. Watch must be able to track duration of the workout, average heart rate and gps (as applicable). Note: Fitbit does not work with STRAVA for indoor workouts.
  • For each workout, Challengers must select the workout type in STRAVA (regardless of how you track it in your watch).

Earning Points

  • Points are awarded for each workout based on the T3 POINTS algorithm -- which is a formula based on individual heart rate, workout intensity, duration and type of workout. Note that Cardio workouts are scored differently than Stretch/Strength workouts.
  • Bonus Points will be awarded for completing Wellness Tasks which will be published in the Challenger Portal.  Challengers can earn a maximum of 9 Bonus Points for the entire Challenge.
  • Challengers have until 11:59 PM on Sunday, October 30 to complete their final workout. Any workout minutes after that time will not be counted.


  • A Daily Leaderboard will be published by 12 PM which will include workouts thru the previous day. Challengers have until 10 AM the day after the Leaderboard is published to delete or change workout types in STRAVA or submit a help ticket for missing workouts.
  • Challengers have until 11:59 PM on Sunday, October 30 to complete their final workout. Any workout that starts or ends after that will not be counted.
  • Link to the T3 Leaderboard App can be found in the Challenger Portal.
  • Excess minutes, over the Challenge maximum will be subtracted in the order tracked.  PLEASE NOTE, if excess workout minutes are for Stretch/Strength, subtraction may result in duration minimums not being met.
  • Exceptions/questions on the Leaderboard must be submitted via the HELP button in the Challenger portal.


  • Winners for the Women's and Men's divisions will be determined as follows:
    • There will be a WINNER of each age group division.
    • FINISHERS: All Challengers meeting the requirements will be declared FINISHERS.
  • Additionally, there will be a winning TEAM.  Details will be outlined during Orientation.

Honor Code/Workout Anomalies

  • For almost 4 years, dozens of women (and recently, men) have participated quarterly in the Triple Threat Challenge. Camaraderie and support are a key ingredient to the Challenge -- with a little bit of trash-talking and shade thrown in to keep it interesting and motivating. While rules are put in place to keep the Challenge as fair and unambiguous as possible, the rules are not infallible. Instead, the Challenge relies heavily on the integrity and good sportsmanship of the Challengers. Organizer reserves the right to audit and disqualify workouts, and in the most egregious cases, disqualify Challengers that violate the Honor Code.
  • A few of the anomalies picked up in previous audits include:
    • Cherry-picking - you cannot cherry-pick the highest heart rate segments of a workout by starting your watch late.  If the administrator does not see a defined warm-up period (as indicated by a workout going from lower to higher and fluctuations throughout) in the workout, the workout could be subject to disqualification.
    • In rare cases in past challenges, there have been heart rate anomalies where, for instance, a Challengers recorded average heart rate is consistently out of range for their age or soars to a high intensity as soon as a workout begins. These anomalies could be the result of faulty watches or even individual anatomy. The T3 algorithm picks up these outliers and adjusts algorithm accordingly. If a Challengers workout is flagged, they will be notified.