While Peloton posts great data to STRAVA the data passed between the Peloton App to STRAVA is not always complete and is sometimes non-existent.  For example, you might do a 60- minute bootcamp and only 30 minutes (the running part) might get passed to Strava.  Similarly, you might do yoga, and as the time gets passed, the HR might not.  All of this results in either your minutes being eaten up by ZERO-rated workouts or parts of your workouts not counting at all -- and this will irreparably impact your T3 points.

THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE --- Only allow your watch to post to STRAVA for you during the Challenge (unless you are really sure about what is going to pass from Peloton).  To do this, disable the automatic share on your Peloton settings.

From the Peloton device, go to Profile Settings/Social -- then unclick  “Automatically post my workouts to Strava” (as shown in the photo).

If you still want the Peloton detail in your STRAVA feed to pull through (which Jade says she can only do because her HR sensor is linked to her Peloton device) you can just click share after each workout during the T3 Challenge.




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